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Rainbow Healing Cottage

I spent many years as a computer professional, developer than as a project manager. For several years I questioned if this was my life purpose. I thought that if this was what I meant to do then it should be enjoyable and fulfilling. Instead I was frustrated and empty.

One day I received a call and a job offer to move to a competitor in Denver. About the same-time I had a friend do a tarot reading for me. She told me that I would open-up spiritually in Denver as it was a high vibrational area.

I took the chance and moved to Denver. I was in town around six months when I signed up for an Introduction to Metaphysics class that Kendra Laurel teaches. This class was transformational for me. During the healing portion, I found that I can see the energy blocks in the body. This started a path of learning and I next signed up for a course that David Stevens of Yoga of the Mind teaches on Medical Intuition. During the course, my intuition became more refined. I can sense the aura and see it’s colors. I was also able to see illness in the body clearer. It also became clear that to work with others I needed to ensure I had a good understanding of how the body worked and how “healing modalities” impacted the client. As a result, I decided to obtain a formal education in Herbology, aromatherapy, crystal healing, color therapy, holistic pain management.

While talking to a friend about the name of the business, I heard the name Rainbow Healing Cottage, as it was channeled from Spirit. This name was confirmed during the naming ceremony that came at the end of a Shamanic Course taught by Garret Duncan of Navajo Illuminations. The cosmic name I was given by the Star people is Whirling Rainbow Star. The graphical representation of this name is the logo for the Rainbow Healing Cottage.

I have learned how powerful and interesting Spirit can be. As I said yes, to my purpose my job came to abrupt end and that line of work seems to be closed to me. I have learned that it is not a vibrational match for who I am now. As new opportunities begin, I am learning my joy is found in helping others find a path to facilitate their own healing and happiness.

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